There’s a word for fear of writing. It’s called graphophobia. But there are some excellent ways to overcome this fear.

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“Writing is merely public speaking on paper, but to a much larger audience.”

― Ralph Keyes, The Courage to Write: How Writers Transcend Fear

1. Face your fear of writing head-on.

Using these tags will help you achieve Top Writer status and attract more readers

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I used my time machine to travel back in time to visit the renowned Robin Williams, who was kind enough to let me interview him.

Robin Williams at Aviano Air Base (Italy) on December 22, 2007,. U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Tabitha M. Mans — Wikimedia, Public Domain.

We don’t realize how important balance is in our lives — until we lose it

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Some pithy sayings of mine that will (hopefully) make you smile and ponder a bit.

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1. I looked for many years for the Fountain of Youth. When I finally found it, it had an ‘Out of Order’ sign hanging on it.

2. Some charities include coins in their envelope when asking for a donation. …

About what crayons can do

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Children love crayons

to draw and make

colorful drawings of

the world as they

imagine it is. The world

would be a better place

if adults used crayons.

Humans can now safely receive kidney transplants from pigs

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Passion works both ways

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Although they loved each other

passionately, they could hate each

other passionately as well. But

when all was said and done, their

love for one another always prevailed.

Maybe not

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It’s been said by some that love

is blind. But how can that be true

if one experiences love with the

heart and not just with one’s eyes?

A good leader knows what makes up a great team

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A good leader won’t

be the smartest one

in the room. A good

leader will make sure

he/she is surrounded by

the best and the brightest.

Terry Mansfield

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